Everyone saves with Mains 2 Meters

About us

The team behind Mains2Meters have over 30 years experience in the Irish water services industry. We understand the needs and requirements of developers and local authorities and have the skills, staff and product range to provide for all your needs. We can supply all your requirements for water provisioning and even help you with the design and implementation of a complete water management system. We are small enough to supply single installations but have the team, skills, and international partners to design, supply and impliment a citywide solution.
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Water Metering

European legislation and Government policy mean that water metering is about to be imposed in Ireland. The 2010 budget announced that a system of water metering will be introduced. Public and Private group water schemes already meter and charge for water usage. Commercial water metering has been in place for some time.
We can supply the equipment to meter all these types of usage as well as the technology to read these meters. Mains2Meter's contactless meter reading technology means that meters can be read either from a handheld device or one that is mounted in a vehicle. Because our installations can be read without opening meter boxes the reading process is quicker and more accurate than the traditional methods. With our technology you will read every meter every time. No missed meters, no estimates, no mistakes. It really is every meter every time.

Billing is simple. The electronic meter data can be formatted to input into any billing system. Again this is quicker, cheaper and more accurate.

Everyone saves with Mains 2 Meters.