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Ebco Range

We supply the full Ebco range of Products

These include Boundary Boxes, Manifold Systems, Service Fittings, Screwdown and Self-Tapping Ferrules.
All Boundary Boxes conform to the relevant Irish and British standards and are guaranteed for 25 years. The range includes single meter boxes and dual stopcock and meter boxes.  They can accomadate all existing water meters in use and will, of course, fit all meters currently under consideration by the Minister for the Environment and Local Authorities. Meters can be fitted with contactless (RFID) readers.

All metal fittings are made from Gunmetal, Aluminium Bronze or DZR Brass and are tested and certified to National and European standards. Screwdown ferrules will fit any PE pipe from 32mm upwards and compression outlet ferrules will fit any pipe from 20mm to 63mm. Flat boss straps are available from stock for sizes up to 315mm with larger sizes are available on request.

Please click here to view and download the Ebco range of Datasheets.

Talbot Pushfit Leak-free Service Fittings

Talbot fittings are a quick and east to connect low, medium and high density polyethylene pipes - from 16 to 180mm in size. They also make fittings for Imperial sized pipes, Imperial to Metric converters. Talbot Grippa fittings can connect any type of pipe - metric, imperial, copper, plastic iron or lead.

We also stock Talbot Mini Repair Clamps for rigid pipes. Sizes from 16 to 80mm are suitable for temporary or permanent repairs, whilst the larger sizes are suitable as a temporary repair.

We can supply the complete range of Talbot watermains connections and valves.