water meterMains 2 Meters are the leading Irish supplier of technology and equipment for water provision and management. We supply complete solutions for the Developer, Local Authority or Single-builder; both for new builds or for retro-fitting and upgrading of existing infrastructure. We can supply the individual parts and fittings or our team can provide a complete solution for your project.

If you are considering water metering; you need to do it right. Our team of experts will help you desgn and implement a water metering, reading, and billing system that will pay for itself within months.

Measurement Matters

Telescopic Boundary BoxNot only do we need to measure the amount of domestic water that is used but the measurement process itself has to be economical and accurate. Our meters can be fitted with a RFID chip to allow the data to be read remotely - within a range of 15 metres from the meter installation.  If necessary, an extender can be fitted that will allow reading from up to 1 mile away. All you need to read one of our metres is a small battery powered reader which can be carried by hand or mounted in a vehicle and it will automatically read our meters as you drive up and down the roads in the metering area.

The electronic data can be formatted automatically for input into your billing system. Its quicker, more accurate, and has a faster turnaround than any system currently in use in Ireland. Contact us to arrange a demonstration.