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Talbot Pushfit Leak-free Service Fittings

Talbot fittings are a quick and east to connect low, medium and high density polyethylene pipes - from 16 to 180mm in size. They also make fittings for Imperial sized pipes, Imperial to Metric converters. Talbot Grippa fittings can connect any type of pipe - metric, imperial, copper, plastic iron or lead.

We also stock Talbot Mini Repair Clamps for rigid pipes. Sizes from 16 to 80mm are suitable for temporary or permanent repairs, whilst the larger sizes are suitable as a temporary repair.

We can supply the complete range of Talbot watermains connections and valves.

Please click on the pictures below to download the relevant Datasheet.

Talbot Product Guide                                                         Talbot Pushfit Fittings Datasheet                    
Talbot Grippa Datasheet                                                    Talbot Stopvalve Chamber Systems Datasheet  
Talbot Modular Manifolds Datasheet                                    Talbot Straps and Ferrules Datasheet